Hossein Naseri- founder and CEO of Samin International Group-was born in January 1975 in Azerbaijan street in Tehran. When he was 3, his father left and his mother had to work as a worker in a company. He suffered from depression when he was 6 so, he started to learn music. At the age 7, he went to Music School and after that Conservatory of Music which was his first turning point in the life. He started teaching music at age 15 after that he was employed in a company as a supplier in order to make money for his university tuition fees. His mother had insisted on his attending such a special university to get B.S in Electronic.

Samin is Born

With the help of his brother he had become able to establish a company when he was in his early 20s. He established the roots of the modern day advertisement company named “Samin Design and Graphic Home”. Due to his ambitious personality and his belief, the company was unemployed for some years. He believed that he needs a valuable customer. All above mentioned points led to a contract with Daroupakhsh Distribution Company. The result was  satisfactory so that Samin was introduced as a German company and this was the second turning point in his life.

Due to his mother`s concerns about his future, after finishing his education in Music Conservatory, firstly, he got B.S of Electronics from Azad University and B.A in Music from Abu Dhabi University. Afterwards, he successfully received his Mastery of Communications Management from South Africa University and Ph.D. from Hannover University. During these academic years, he has never stopped learning Art. Not only has he got various management prizes, but he has received some art prizes. He also has published different articles in the field of business development and has written several motivational books for managers in different languages such as, English, Turkish and French. In this regard, “Deep Breath”, “The Moon is pickable” and "Loneliness" are three of them.


After some years, the company got some partial promotions and he had a chance to visit some famous people such as Frank Furness and took part in some of his workshops and it was the third turning point in his life. In a way that the above mentioned led to get a mastery in MBA.


Samin Grows Up

Samin Company by considering new ideas and creativity, advancement of designing software (Samin was the first advertisement company which used Macintosh)، performing international projects, being aware of modern technology in publishing industry become able to be among the list of 5 leading advertisement companies in Iran after sixteen years.

In 2001, regarding Hossein Naseri’s thought on the basis of business development in the assimilating branches and considering the duty, he felt he had toward the environment on one hand, and on the other hand because of the technological progress in the field of cell-phone applications, with the motto “Let’s not cut the trees”, he presented a design “mixture of advertisement and application” to the government that brings back some prizes.

At this stage, Samin Promotion Company was born on the field of designing, production and expansion of cell-phone applications as a sub-category of Samin International Group that coincides with bestowing the name of Aghaye Tablighat from Ershad.

By international registration of Samin Design and Graphic Home, subsidiary companies such as Samin Management Consulting Co. and Press and Media Co. made this comapany as an international group.

Hossein Naseri and Travels

Hossein Naseri has started his travels to different places in a more targeted way due to missions and with the purpose of global geniuses since 2001. Getting acquainted with the innovative managers’ way of thinking, the modern methods of management and visiting the great brands in the world and etc., He found a newly expanded horizon which makes a big evolution in his personal and professional life.

The first effect was on the organizational start-up. He changed a company which was working quite well and was so profitable and advertisement-oriented to a company which was consulting-oriented. Therefore, Samin Management Consulting company was founded based on his 21 years old experience confronting Iranian managers, being familiar with their tastes and interests, and also the knowledge he has acquired before.


Again a New Idea

Through world`s registration of Samin and being among 300 countries that have been recorded their brands from Iran, the new opportunities have been opened to Hossein Naseri. He has gathered all these 21 years experiences and created the idea of “Educational Scientific Business Tours for Managers” that has been surprisingly welcomed by Iranian managers. The trips which have been designed with the purpose of increasing and providing appropriate opportunities to invest and develop the manager’s marketing in the special international areas such as Canada, US and etc.


I am an Adventurer Manager

Based on his childhood dreams and his adventurous spirit, Hossein Naseri has visited some wonderful places in the European Union, East Asia, North, South and Central America, Russia and also he has seen the most places of the Seven Wonders.

He also started his long walking plan with the purpose of physical health recovery promoting, spirit reinforcement and self-improvement gained through the motto of “No Smoking” and he also could walk the long distances that the last one was walking 200 km Karaj-Chalus Road in the walking road, rock climbing and mountaineering fields.

Hossein Naseri has traveled to the North Pole that his achievements have had very national and international reflections on his recent adventure.


Some of the achievements are:

• Rising the holly flag of Iran

• Being the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation

• Being Persepolis Football Team ambassador

• Rising the flag of Enduring Figures of the art world


Hossein Naseri is planning a trip to space for the next two years.

These adventures and their effects on him, and according to some challenges that Hossein Naseri and all other managers were dealing with, led him to create another idea.


51 Brands is Created

As it was mentioned above, the trip and the unpredictable challenges which happened and the force to solve them fast have influenced Hossein Naseri`s managerial spirit.

One of his main concerns was to share all experiences with other managers, so he has created the management idea named Management Training Course in the real situation based on merging management and adventures combining that its international registration is being prepared.

All the things mentioned above ended in creating a training-practical and management plan called “51 Brands” that has been registered with the name of Hossein Naseri in the world.

This is a new plan of management with modern, enjoyable and challenging solutions.